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We search all over the world for the best

We love jewelry. There is something -- a feeling -- that can't be put into words when you find the right piece. You feel stronger. You feel beautiful. You feel powerful. We feel that too.

There is a meaning, a spirit if you will, in a beautiful piece. 

At JellyFish we search all over the world for these "pieces" that make us feel. We find other creators who take great care in the products they make. And we go to those sources, cutting out the middle men and higher prices.

Typically, we find something we love and then we buy it in bulk to get an even deeper discount. Then we pass those savings on to you.

But, to be sure, if you aren't looking for one of our fabulous ready-to-go items, we offer private client services.

After more than a decade in the jewelry industry, there is one thing we can confirm with 100% certainty -- it's all about the people. We wouldn't be here doing what we love, if you didn't love what we do. And for that we are forever indebted to our clients. So with heartfelt gratitude, thank you.

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